Madame Purrla
Tarot Consultant

Tarot readings from House of Bast

Believe in the power of Oracles. If you ask, prepare to listen. ~ Ellen Lorenzi-Prince, The Pythia, Dark Goddess Tarot

Tarot readings from Susan DuBose also known as 'Madame Purrla'.

Thirty years experience studying the Tarot and providing professional consultations.

Available via email:
Six card reading  (about 2 hours) starting at $190.
Four card reading (about 1 hour) starting at $125.
Soul, Life and Year card consultations available starting from $35 per card or all three for $95.
Available for follow up questions on your reading for clarification at no charge;
price for additional in depth discussion can be negotiated following initial consultation.
Want to add a Rune for clarification? $25.
Group and event rates available upon request.
Ask me about special offers for non-profits (501c3) in good standing.
Must be 18 years or have parental consent.
All readings are strictly confidential, no part of your reading will be shared with anyone nor will your private / personal information ever be given out.
   If you would know, do not fear to see. ~ Ellen Lorenzi-Prince, Banshee, Dark Goddess Tarot

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